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Respect History

Chain salon shoes Respect represented in Ukraine since 2004 and at this stage is one of the companies that are actively developing new customers zavoovuyuchy sympathy. The main activity of our company is the retail sexes footwear, bags and accessories.

Style Respect - a combination lines of elegance, comfort, fashion and comfort. Striking design and use of modern materials to current tendencies of world fashion. The target audience of our stores - people who lead active lifestyles, follow the fashion and want to look important. Our customers appreciate quality service and comfortable when buying.

The best estimate of the company's work is the high trust of customers and partners. That is confirmed by the award "Brand of Rock 2009". Clarity and coherence of the work, the performance of its obligations, high quality service - these are the principles that underpin the company's corporate culture.

Philosophy brand

Respect Yourself (self-respect) - a special trait. The man who owns this feature enough time and effort to take care of loved ones, be sensitive and considerate towards others. «Respect Yourself» is a fundamental principle of the company in an effort to improve the world and building a harmonious society, the key point is to trust and sensitivity to others.

The main slogan of the company - "Respect Line - the line of life," emphasizes the importance of human values: openness, humanity and concern for loved ones. At the same time, this slogan is a concept of harmonious development and continuous improvement.

Company's mission

Creating comfortable shoes in elegant shape, we think of you and want to make you happy!


People (our customers, employees and partners)



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